We want your visit with us to be one in which you feel welcomed and where you clearly hear the Good News of Jesus Christ through the songs, prayers, and the preaching of the Word. So that you are informed before arriving, we’ve taken the following space to help you be prepared to join us. 

Q: What time is your service? 

A: Our worship gathering begins at 10:30am each Sunday morning. 

Q: What kind of songs do you sing? 

A: We sing a mix of old and modern hymns and songs. Our criteria for selecting songs is that they must be singable by the congregation (tempo, key, content) and that they point us to Christ clearly and truthfully. For a taste of some recommended songs we love, check out our South Point Recommends: Music playlist.  

Q: What are some of the other elements of your worship gatherings?

A: We have intentionally “designed” our worship gatherings so that you are not just an observer, but have the opportunity to participate as well. This means that we regularly read Scripture out loud together (posted on the screens), offer prayers led by others in our congregation, sing “singable” songs, and take of the Lord’s Supper each week. 

Q: Are visitors called out and/or expected to do anything?

A: No. Each week we do ask any visitors, regular attenders, or members to fill out a Connect Card to let us know of your presence (if you’d like someone to contact you) and/or if you have anything you’d like our elders to pray for. 

Q: What COVID related precautions are you taking?

A: We have taken and maintained several COVID related precautions to our weekly worship gatherings: 

· We have moved the worship gathering to our FLC (gym building) to ensure spacing between attenders not of the same household. There are tables throughout the building for people to sit at that are properly spaced. 

· Masks are required to enter the building and are encouraged during times of interaction with others. 

· We do not pass any giving baskets or communion trays (prepared with gloves and masks) but provide a time for single-file approaching of the table with distancing markings on the floor. 

· We also offer a livestream of our worship gatherings each week that can be found on our YouTube page for those unable to attend during these times. 

If you have any other questions about attending one of our services, please feel free to contact us.